Spring is here! take care of your hair

Hair can be our best and worst accessory. When it’s doing what you like, you feel invincible. When your hair acts on its own accord, it can be a nightmare. And the worst times to tame wild hair is in the strange limbo of weather between winter and spring. We found the best hair hacks to beat the move from cold weather to bright spring.2015-06-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-foat-woman-back-santalla

Dry Shampoo

Obviously, the spring season brings warmer weather. And this comes with a myriad of (sometimes icky) topics: sweat. It happens to all of us and we have to get over the stigma in order to talk about making our hair fabulous! Girls, especially those of us with thick hair, can feel the heat and sweat on our heads instantly when we step outside. The easiest and quickest way to combat this is dry shampoo. With a quick spritz you can de-grease and put volume in your hair. It’s the best trick to keep in your purse at all times. Batiste is one of the best (and cheapest) brands out there and makes the perfect mini bottle to carry on the go. Want another hack? Buy Batiste in bulk from Amazon to get the best bang for your buck.



As seen on Carli Bybel and Kim Kardashian, braids are proving to be a strong spring trend for 2016. They can be created to fit almost any occasion: loose, messy beach braids, a clean braided bun for work or sleek, edgy french braids for the high-fashion look. The biggest benefit of braids are the one-and-go aspect of them: braid in the morning, spray with some hairspray and you have a guaranteed fabulous look for the day. For a pretty braided updo, watch Claire Ashley’s tutorial on Youtube.

Lightweight Conditioner

As you may know, winter weather is dry and harsh on hair. In turn, we load up on thick, intensive conditioners to offset the damage. When we continue using these heavy products into spring, we overwhelm the hair with oils and coatings that weigh it down, possibly creating a continuous cycle of greasy hair. There’s an easy fix: a light conditioner and better washing schedule. By switching to a conditioner with little to no greasy residue and limiting conditioning to 2-3 times a week, you can avoid that hea vy, droopy hair as you transition into spring. Dove makes a great conditioner that leaves hair silky and weightless at the same time.



While bangs can be the focal point of a haircut, take on the beach-y casual trend for the spring and let your bangs grow out. When bangs are short, they can difficult, if not downright impossible, to hold back in a ponytail or bun. Let your fringe grow out as we move into spring and let it flow into the rest of your cut. Not only can you fully control when hair is on your face, but you can manage your tan as well! Who wants a bright white forehead while the rest of her is bronzed?


Undercut is typically a word used to describe men’s hairstyles. But in the last few months, following the androgynous trend, women have taken over the undercut style and made it their own. This isn’t for the faint of heart-it’s definitely a trend for the more daring and edgy. The point is to lessen the weight of hair on your head while sometimes incorporating a design. Some shave a simple triangle at the nape of their neck to shrink their ponytails. Others create intricate designs meant to be shown off daily. This Buzzfeed article will give you all the inspiration and encouragement you need to take the leap with undercuts.



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