Non-allergic mascara

MascaraHaving sensitive skin is quite a challenge. Usually, women with allergic skin have problems finding the correct daily care products, not even talking about makeup items. Sensitive skin can make a woman give up on beautifying products completely, because tears and itchiness are totally not worth the style. If you have sensitive skin, you probably also have quickly irritated skin around your eyes and you know very well that if you apply mascara, eyeliner or fake lashes you’ll be red, scratchy and un-pleased. Let’s talk about one of the most essential makeup products and how to avoid eyes irritation, staying both beautiful and cheerfully healthy. Let’s talk non-allergic mascara.
First of all, if you are allergic or your skin is generally sensitive keep in mind that you can be allergic to anything. No matter if the products are natural or synthetic, they both can cause an allergy and the best you can do to avoid loosing money and patience is always testing and trying your mascara before you buy it. No matter, if the brand is anti-allergic, pharmaceutical or plant-based you have to try your mascara before finally purchasing it. If you can, ask for a tester to take home. Sometimes, allergies can appear after second or third time of using the product, that’s why testing it in different conditions is helpful. Secondly, make sure you’ll be able to return the product back in case of an allergy. Some companies do not have 100% returning policy, that’s why asking them if they accept opened products will save you extra time. Now, when you have those two crucial things sorted out think about mascara itself. You should avoid waterproof mascaras, products that are close to the expiration day, and also everything that is hard to take off. Usually, women with allergies have to take an additional precaution about their makeup removal, that’s exactly why you should make sure to choose light, aired mascara that doesn’t create clots on your lashes. Talking about mascara removal, try combining the brand of mascara with the brand of eye makeup removal. This way you can sometimes minimize the probability of itchiness. At the same time, use a lash curler, it will help you to create a volume effect, but you won’t have to apply too much mascara, which is just perfect for sensitive skin. Try to avoid as much as you can bright blue, pink, or violet mascaras and choose a classic black one. Usually black mascara contains less artificial coloring and fragrances, which is always good. If you are very allergic, go for water based mascaras and and avoid mascaras with fibers. They can and usually will fall into your eyes and cause irritation. Keep using lengthening mascaras and if you need an extra volume apply it two times. Additionally, when you try new mascara, try not using your usual eyeliner or eye-shades, because sometimes the allergy can be caused by reaction of two ingredients. For a few days, minimize the usage of makeup as much as you can and give your brand new mascara a try. Hopefully, these advice will help you to stay healthy and beautiful!

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