How and when should you exfoliate?

In cosmetology, exfoliation refers to removal of a dead skin from the external surface of face or body. It is considered that Egyptians were the first to practice exfoliation; they found out that by getting rid of dead cells it was possible to achieve a glowing and fresh skin. During middle ages, exfoliation was practiced with help of wine and its magic component tartaric acid. Since then, the process of exfoliation has drastically changed, being used by people all around the world. Today, almost all cosmetic brands have a solid range of exfoliators for dry, oily, combined, sensitive, red, or acne skin; the choice is really endless. At the same time, exfoliation is seriously used in cosmetic salons for deepened cleanse, or at home for milder cleanings. The variety of products ranges from natural products, such as oatmeal, sugar, or ground almonds until chemical substances such as citric acid, malic acid, or fruit enzymes. Even though, there are many organic or synthetic products available on the market, it is rather complicated to choose the right type of exfoliator for your skin. It is crucial to understand the basic steps of choosing a cleaning product that will suit exactly your needs. However, if you any have doubts about using or not using exfoliating products, then remember, exfoliation is good for anyone older than 16, and it should be done at least one or two times per week, otherwise you will accelerate the aging process of your skin. If you are in your 30’s, exfoliation at a professional clinic might be a good idea, because the older we get the less potential our skin has to get rid of the dead cells by itself. If you are mature, routine cleans both at home and in a clinic will keep your skin naturally glowing and fresh. Once you’ve decided on your usual time for exfoliation, understand its core steps.
Choose the correct exfoliating environment
Exfoliation works best when your pores are opened, for example after shower or bath. At the same time, exfoliation is a great solution after a long day at work, when your skin is tired and full of dust. Clean it and remove all the impurities your skin absorbed during the day. This can easily be incorporated in your daily routine, after taking off makeup. In the morning, you may also cleanse, if you have an oily face, or if you didn’t have enough sleep and you look exhausted. This way you will boost vitamins and minerals into your overly-fatigue look and your face will visibly lift up. Try to avoid exfoliating right before you go to an important meeting or on a special date, because cleaning your dead skin cells usually makes the skin quite red and sometimes even swollen.
Choose the correct exfoliating instrument
Getting rid of the dead skin cells is usually done using hands, brushes, or other more elevated instruments in clinics. While at home, choose to exfoliate with a brush if you have extremely dry or oily skin, this will help you clean all the skin surface much deeper and will also pleasantly massage your skin. If you have a sensitive or acne skin, avoid brushes and use just your hands, this way you will avoid skin irritations and will minimize redness.

Choose the correct exfoliator
Exfoliators come in a wide variety and choosing the right one is the most important and hard step. Firstly, analyze your skin. Is it dry, oily, or sensitive? Is it itchy, prone to acne, overly reacting? Secondly, think about how much time you have for exfoliation? One minute in the morning, 15 minutes after bath, or a good hour for salon? Third, what do you want to use? Natural ingredients you have in your fridge or cosmetic products you can buy? Lastly, what do you want to achieve with exfoliation? A radiant skin or simply clean one? A complete purification or a daily look? After answering all those questions, create your own formula suitable exactly for your needs. For example, if you have an oily skin, you can use baking soda as the perfect exfoliator. If you have dry skin, try crushed almonds. If you have sensitive skin, try oats. In pharmacies or shops you can find special formulas for all types of skins available for any budget.

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