Foundation for dark skin tones

Who can argue with the fact that foundation is the most important makeup product any woman needs? Let’s admit, there is a very limited number of women who have perfect smooth skin and who don’t need foundation at all. Especially during the change of seasons – winter to spring or summer to autumn – our skin suffers considerably, looking exhausted and washed out. During these seasons even the most perfect skin has someFoundation-for-dark-skin-tones problems, which should be concealed and masked. All that sounds like a pretty reasonable and an easy job, you go to a store, you choose a foundation, and you buy it, of course if you know very well your skin type and tone. However, the solution is not so straightforward as it seems. If you have a fair skin, you’re very lucky. Just take a moment to go through all the foundation colors you will find at your closest cosmetics shop. How many of them are for light skin tones and how many are for dark skin tones? We almost found no dark colors in cheap retails and only few in expensive ones. The task is even more complicated, because we, women want a foundation to do everything: have a perfectly matching shade, smooth consistency, natural finish, gorgeous packaging…We want it to be long lasting, cheap and easy to use, and if it has sun protection we are even happier. For dark skin tones the choice of foundation can be a complete nightmare, because there’s not such a big variety of colors, there are not so many anti-aging formulas and what’s worse, a foundation which looks amazing in a shop can look horrible in day light. So what is the magic formula of choosing a proper foundation for dark skin tone?
1. Be willing to invest. Unfortunately, cheap retailers do not offer a big variety of dark shades, that’s why going to Bobbi Brown or Mac, will pay off in time. Even though, the price can be twice as high, it is better to buy a foundation that really suits you, than to buy 3 of them that all color your face in orange, grey, or red tones.
2. Never buy a foundation you’ve tried only once inside of a shop. If possible, ask for a tester, so you can apply your dark foundation, go around and see how it really looks on a normal day. This is a crucial step; because the white marketing lighting is not the lighting you’ll find yourself sitting into most days.
3. Always try to match the color of foundation with the color of your body and most importantly neck. First, analyze and understand how different your neck and face look. It pays off to choose a foundation that is more similar to your neck or body color than to your natural face skin tone, exactly because when you apply foundation that looks exactly like your face skin, your neck and face will look very differently. Most women don’t have a natural match of their neck and face colors. Plus, applying foundation to neckline is not a good trick, because the foundation blends off very quickly in your soft neck skin, no matter if the foundation is cheap or expensive.
4. Try to match two foundations together- a lighter with darker shade – to receive both the texture and exact color you’re seeking for.
5. And remember, foundation should be picked in a very relaxed mood. If you feel down or are a bit sad, don’t rush to buy a new foundation, it probably won’t match you that well after all…

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